A Lifetime of Creativity

It started off an assignment to create a brainstorming tool for a client. And became the first and only creativity/brainstorming tool based on Indian constructs, concepts, quirks, philosophy, culture and stories. 

It is a set of 108 cards with an abstract image and a thought provoking question that will enhance your divergent thinking/creative thinking every time you use it -whether as an individual or in your team. 

Whether you are a founder or a teacher or running a team or just by yourself working on a passion or a challenge, these cards will add zing to your creativity every single time. 


Every card provokes your thinking - the image and the text on the other side. This card is "cutting chai"


108% Indian is a collaboration between Thotpot and Coolture - both passionate about Indian culture and heritage in their own way. 108% is a perfect mix of their strengths.


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